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One Minute 2021 Comedy Reel

One Minute 2021 Dramatic Reel

Dramatic One Minute Reels

For the love of all things Western



Director, Writer, Producer-Debbie Sutcliffe

Director of Photography-Tom Baker

Editor-Teresa Vinson Brown

Sound-Kong Thao

Assistant Director-Brittney Greer

FX Make up- Mike Strain, Lily Strain

2nd camera Madison Strain

PA-Justin Chase Canavan


Mickey Stone, Debbie Sutcliffe 

Cami Jenkins, Actress, Speaker, Teri Austin 

Jonova Lavon, Cayla Bankson

Sheri Lynn Baker, David Barnett

Julie Westlake Sooter, Mason Kirkland

Tris Marie, Mila Kirkland, Vanessa Healey, Teddy


just for fun

One Person Cast and Crew Film Challenge

South of Swan Creek


Debbie Sutcliffe
Gina Tichelkamp
Meggie Jenny
Micaiah Bruce
Jerry-Mac Johnston
Tony Teebo
David Barnett

Debbie Sutcliffe - Producer

Brittney Greer - Director

Chris Greig - Director of Photography,

Mark Parham - Editor and Audio Supervisor

 Jason Knight - First Assistant Director

Shannon Michelle - Line Producer

Merry Fidler - Production Assistant

Jim McPherson -production Assistant

Rita Westbrook - Production Assistant



David Barnett

Debbie Sutcliffe

Chris Greig

Kimberly Moore

Debbie Sutcliffe - Writer / Producer

Brittney Greer- Director

Chris Greig - Director of Photography

Jason Knight - First Assistant Director

Kimberley Moore - Editor and Line Producer

 Two Nights Only  Scene Clips   LifeChurch

Switch: Two Nights Only - Trailer 

Switch: Two Nights Only - Episode 1 

Switch: Two Nights Only - Episode 2 

Switch: Two Nights Only - Episode 3


 THE WALK - Official Trailer

Transient Error  ( complete ) Scene Clip

Actress  Debbie Sutcliffe  and  Actor  Mickey Stone / Transient Error Scene Clip


Transient Error HD Full Movie

by Asinine Films

  • This week

full length version at

ELECTROLYTE  ( complete ) Scene Clip

A young man has always wanted to make a difference in his city but has never had the power or opportunity to do so. One day, an engineer of sorts offers him the power to harness and amplify the electrical impulses in his own system. Using this power, he tries to do good but also becomes a little full of himself in the process.

With Actor Nathan Irwin


Directed By

Lauren Havard

Written By

Robert Kelley, Jr.

Lauren Havard

Cameron Pace

Screenplay By

Robert Kelley, Jr.

Produced By

Noah Giamei

Bad Beat

Opening scene from Ryan Huegerich 's senior project Bad Beat , including my scene ,( my character, a Senile Senior Citizen living in Las Vegas ) Starring Erika D Flowers and Phillip Secca.

Opening scene from Ryan Huegerich 's senior project Bad Beat , including my scene ,( my character, a Senile Senior Citizen living in Las Vegas ) Starring Erika D Flowers and Phillip Secca.

Bad Beat is a short film focusing on the life of a young girl named Liz. Liz has lived with her abusive father her entire life. From a young age, Liz has had a power that she cannot control. A power that her father abuses her for and uses for his own gain. Follow us as we dive into the life of someone who can't take the lies anymore.


B.F.D. ( Beast of the Finley Days)
Post Credit Scene
Missing Circuits

Tim Baker as Lucas
Meggie Jenny as Erica
Debbie Sutcliffe as Mom
Steven Brown as Dad
Cami Jenkins as Emma

Directed by Christopher Hubert
Cinematography by Mark Parham
Written by Meggie Jenny
Sound by David "Maestro" Hubert and Kimberly Moore
Edited by Mark Parham

Debbie Sutcliffe, Kolyn Marshall, Talia Griztmacher, Kevyn Marshall

Abigail Dawson, Matt Foster, Pete Smith , David Foster , Natalie Dorge , Tyler Wilson ,, Jonathan Gilbert , Mike Strain Jr.

Network 211


Network 211 is a world missionary outreach focused on global evangelism and discipleship via the Internet.

Their mission is to use 21st century technology to communicate the 1st century gospel. 


Director  Brad McMath

Camera  James Hennessy



Domestic Violence scene


Derral Reynolds   and  Debbie Sutcliffe

Scene  from Crying Wolf

A college student thinks her roommate has been kidnapped, but no one believes her. She decides to take matters into her own hands.


Crying Wolf  won first place in the MBEA feature film category.


Mystery-Studio EU Films 

Directed By Jonathan May

Screenplay By Christina Jeter

Produced By Katelyn Hanze 


CAST-Kate Ford , Lauren Drysdale , Taylor Hartley , David Burgio,  Joshua David Smith,  ,John Falk,  Debbie  Sutcliffe

Caleb:  Nick Maples
Ronnie:  Graham Weldin
Trisha:  Meghan Socha
Dominic:  Bruce Robinson
Chris:  Sean Simpson
Psychologist:  Debbie Sutcliffe
Mom:  Karen Richardson
Jay:  David Marr
Jeremy and Assistant Director:  David Kelley
Grip:  Christian Alexander Sylvester

Scene fromThe Break of Night

Web Series


EU FILMS   Comedy  De-Feathered


Comedy-Directed By Cameron Dinwiddie

Produced By Esy Jurado


Unlikely companions meet and journey on a road trip of their lives!



Billy Hansen - Darrel Sanders

Ariel Kelley  - Hannah Dowd 

Matt Roberts -  James Hershberger

Sheri Gibe -  Bonnie Sanders

David Barnett -  Clyde Sanders

Keifer Holmes - Young Darrell

Debbie Sutcliffe -  Debra Dowd

Walking Dead Parody

(Katy Perry - This Is How We Do)



Joseph Herrington , Debbie Sutcliffe , Heidi Mae ,Steve Arvig , Sheri Gibe , Rachel Herrington ,Miranda Herrington , Kennedy Mattox 

Whitney Dodd , Gabriel Herrington , Lory Herrington ,David Marr , Ron Preston , Becca Preston.

Make-up by Lora Hakanson

Special FX by Michael Haygood

Bad Class Bandits

ZOMBIE MAKEOVER..... Fun Video Parody with my friends .  First time getting to play the part of a Dancing       

                              ALL IN                                GOOD FUN



strange interference

" heal me aaron jeoffrey / christian movies 2014 / god's not dead


featuring ,,,Juli Tapken, David Burgio, Julie Wilson, Rusty Reagan ,Melissa David Rider ,Erica Mincks, Eric Reynolds, Brooke Bays, Cayla Bankson, Debbie Sutcliffe and Rob Stilfield,

Rusty Reagan- Director     Full Armor Productions        2014 Music Video

Cross wire featuring the song call by Freeman da gospel rapper / red brick road comics / full armor media 

Written and Directed by  Rob Stilfield and Rusty Reagan



Rusty Reagan  , Brooke Bays , Michael Lightner , Debbie Sutcliffe ,  John Dancy



cross wire / call Freeman da gospel rapper

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