Written and produced by Debbie Sutcliffe


Alice Ellie was living her dream life, great job, great paycheck, fabulous house, but things have now changed and she is learning that sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives might just put us on the path to the best thing that will ever happen to us. Sometimes in life you have to push the envelope.

REVIEW from Prisma Film Awards



Los Angeles Film Awards 2019 

Best Inspirational Film (Honorable Mention) 

Best Cast Ensemble (Nomination)

Oniros Film Awards 2019 
Best Inspirational Film (Winner)
Best Actress / Debbie Sutcliffe (Winner)
Best Director / Debbie Sutcliffe (Nomination)
Best Cinematography / Thomas C Baker (Nomination)
Best Editor / Teresa Vinson Brown (Nomination)

New York Film Awards 2019
Best Insirational Film (Winner)
Best Duo / Mickey Stone and Debbie Sutcliffe (Winner)

Top Shorts Awards 2019

Best Duo / Mickey Stone and Debbie Sutcliffe

(Honorable Mention)

Best Actor Awards 2019

Diamond Award Best Actress in a Drama / Debbie Sutcliffe (Winner)

Diamond Award Best Duo / Mickey Stone and Debbie Sutcliffe ( Winner)

Gold Award / Best Supporting Actress Cami Jenkins (Winner)

Couch Film Festival 2019

Best Director / Debbie Sutcliffe (Nomination)

Ozark Mountain Webfest 2019

Best Short Film (Winner) 

Best Actor / Mickey Stone (Winner) 

Best Cinematography / Tom Baker (Winner)

Best Director / Debbie Sutcliffe (Nomination)

Will Rogers Motion Picture Festival 2019

Best Short film Narrative (Nomination)

Dreams Come True Film Festival 2019

Best Short Film (Winner)

Best Trailer (Winner)

Best ScreenPlay (Winner) Debbie Sutcliffe

Best Directing (Winner) Debbie Sutcliffe, Brittney Greer

Best Lead Actor (Winner) Mickey Stone

Best Lead Actress (Winner) Debbie Sutcliffe

Best Supporting Actress (Winner) Cami Jenkins

Best Cinematography (Nomination) Tom Baker

Best Editing (Nomination) Teresa Vinson Brown

Best Score (Nomination)

New York Fim Festival 2019

Best of the year Duo / Mickey Stone

and Debbie Sutcliife (Nomination)

Depth of Field International Film Festival 2020

Award of Exceptional Merit (Winner) Inspirational Film

Award of Merit / Editing (Winner) Teresa Vinson Brown

Director, Writer, Producer-Debbie Sutcliffe

Director of Photography-Tom Baker

Editor-Teresa Vinson Brown

Sound-Kong Thao

Assistant Director-Brittney Greer

FX Make up- Mike Strain, Lily Strain

2nd camera Madison Strain

PA-Justin Chase Canavan


Mickey Stone, Debbie Sutcliffe 

Cami Jenkins, Actress, Speaker, Teri Austin 

Jonova Lavon Cayla Bankson

Sheri Lynn Baker, David Barnett

Julie Westlake Sooter, Mason Kirkland

Tris Marie, Mila Kirkland, Vanessa Healey, Teddy

South of Swan Creek

When Emma Parker buys the horse no one else wanted at the horse auction, it isn't long before she understands why.





Debbie Sutcliffe

Gina Tichelkamp

Meggie Jenny

Micaiah Bruce

Tony Thiebaut-Teebo

Jerry-Mac Johnston

David Barnett

Directed by Brittney Greer

Shannon Michelle... Line Producer

Chris Greig...Director of Photography

Mark Parham...Audio Supervisor and Editor

Don Stafford...Assistant Editor

Story and Screenplay by Debbie Sutcliffe


Christian Online Film Festival (Winner) Best Short Film, Best Director, Best Producer, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Supporting actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Music

Women's Only Entertainment Film Festival (Winner) Best Lead Actress / Debbie Sutcliffe, (Honorable Mention) Best Short Film

Christian Family Film Festival (Winner) Silver Award Short Film, (Winner) Silver Award Best Actress / Debbie Sutcliffe

Los Angeles Film Awards (Winner) Best Actress in an Indie Film / Debbie Sutcliffe, (Nominated) Best Inspirational Film

Festigious Los Angeles (Winner) Best Inspirational Film / Brittney Greer, (Winner) Inspiring Woman in a Film / Debbie Sutcliffe, (Nominated) Best First Time Director / Brittney Greer,  (Nominated)

Best Actress in an Indie Film / Debbie Sutcliffe


Top Shorts Film Festival (Nominated) Best Actress in an Indie Film / Debbie Sutcliffe

Actors Awards Los Angeles (Winner) Best Actress in an Indie Film / Debbie Sutcliffe, ( Nominated) Best Actor / Micaiah Bruce

Depth of Field International Film Festival (Winner) Exceptional Merit Award Inspirational Film, (Winner) Merit Award Lead Actress / Debbie Sutcliffe

Oniros Film Awards (Winner) Best Actress / Debbie Sutcliffe, (Nominated) Best 1st Time Director / Brittney Greer, (Nominated) Best Trailer

Ozark Mountain Film Festival (Winner) Agape Award Best Film, (Winner) Best Actress / Gina Tichelkamp, (Winner) Best Supporting Actress / Debbie Sutcliffe

L.A.Shorts Awards (Winner) Best Short Film Diamond Award,(Winner) Best Actress Silver Award / Debbie Sutcliffe, (Winner)  Best Actor Gold / Micaiah Bruce

Top Indie Film Awards (Nominated) Best Editing / Mark Parham and Don Stafford, (Nominated) Best Writing / Debbie Sutcliffe, (Nominated) Best Actress / Debbie Sutcliffe

Care Awards (Winner) Best Trailer, (Winner) Best Actress in a Short Film / Debbie Sutcliffe

Silhouette Awards (Nominated) Best Actress Debbie Sutcliffe

Bare Bones International Independent Film & Music Festival (Winner) Best Faith Short Film and (Nominee) Best Actress in a Short Film / Debbie Sutcliffe

​International Christian Film and Music Festival (Nominated) Best Screenplay-Short Film and Best Trailer

Audition 105

Auditioning for a low budget film is not an easy task when Bob Bailey is the Casting Director.


David Barnett

Debbie Sutcliffe 

Chris Greig

Kimberly Moore

Debbie Sutcliffe - Writer / Producer

Brittney Greer - Director

Chris Greig - Director of Photography

Kimberley Moore - Line Producer / Edito


Actors Awards Los Angeles (Winner) Best Acting Duo / Debbie Sutcliffe and David Barnett

Oniros Film Awards (Winner) Best Acting Duo,/ Debbie Sutcliffe and David Barnett

(Winner) Best Under 5 Minute Film

Director  Crystal Marie Phillips 

Director of Photography  Michael Joseph Phillips

Audio Design  Jerrod Naff


Meggie Jenny

Debbie Sutcliffe

Teejay Britton

Lisa Murphy

Frank Howell

Jeff Kingery

Story concept by Debbie Sutcliffe

Screenplay by Debbie Sutcliffe and Meggie Jenny


In association with CROWN FLIX

When a mother who has been anything but motherly moves in with her daughter, choas isn't far behind.

Best Short Film - Believe in your Dreams Film Festival

Just for fun

One person cast and crew

Film Challenge