Filmed in Cork Ireland, Filming my scenes fall 2021    


Ozark Mountain Webfest

Tom Baker, Debbie Sutcliffe,  Julie Westkae Sooter, Mickey Stone, Darrell Claunch

Tom Baker, Debbie Sutcliffe, Mickey Stone

Mickey Stone and Debbie Sutcliffe

Teri Austin, Brittney Greer, Mickey Stone, Tom Baker, Teresa Vinson Brown and Debbie Sutcliffe

Julie Westlake Sooter, Mikey Stone

Debbie Sutcliffe, Jonova Lavon and Tom Baker



some of Cast and Crew.

Director, Writer, Producer, Debbie Sutcliffe

Director of Photography Tom Baker

Editing by Teresa Vinson Brown

Line Producer Jonova Lavon

Sound Mixer Kong Thao

First AD Brittney Greer

Mike Strain Jr - special effects makeup​  

Lacramioara - special effects assistant

Madison Strain - additional photography

Justin Canavan - production assistant

--------------------------The Cast --------------------------

Mickey Stone, Debbie Sutcliffe

Cami Jenkins, Teri Austin, Jonova Lavon

 Mason Kirkland, Cayla Bankson 

David Barnett, Sheri Lynn Baker  

Mila Kirkland, Julie Westlake Sooter

Tris Marie, Teddy

Branson International Film Festival 2019

Caleb Martin, Meggie Jenny, Debbie Sutcliffe, BJ Arnett, Cameron Arnett

Keith Harkin

Chris Florence, Debbie Sutcliffe, Randall Oliver, Steven Brown

Chris Florence, Debbie Sutcliffe, Randall Oliver, Steven Brown

Joe inman

Cameron Arnett

Cami Jenkins

Vincent's  Vow

Du More films

Vincent's Vow wrap party


 Ozark Mountain Webfest 

Women of Film, Writers and Directors Panels

The Newsboys

T.C. Stallings

Kevin Sorbo

Deborah Watson

Gina Tichelkamp

Isaac Hernandez





Debbie Sutcliffe
Gina Tichelkamp
Meggie Jenny
Micaiah Bruce
Jerry-Mac Johnston
Tony Teebo
David Barnett

Debbie Sutcliffe - Writer / Producer

Brittney Greer - Director

Shannon Michelle -Line Producer
Chris Greig - Director of Photography
Mark Parham - Audio Supervisor / Editor
Jason Knight - First Assistant Director
Merry Fidler - Production Assistant
Jim McPherson - Production Assistant
Rita Westbrook - Production Assistant

South of Swan Creek Premiere

Audition 105


David Barnett

Debbie Sutcliffe 

Chris Greig

Kimberly Moore

Debbie Sutcliffe - Writer / Producer

Brittney Greer - Director

Chris Greig - Director of Photography

Kimberley Moore - Line Producer / Editor

Debbie Sutcliffe  with Actor Ken Hudson Campbell

Above Ground

Directed by  Ramaa Mosley  

Cinematography  by   Darin Moran

LOST CHILD / Tatterdemalion

Debbie Sutcliffe  and  Leven Rambin 

Leven Rambin, Debbie Sutcliffe 

and Jim Parrack

 Debbie Sutcliffe and Mickey Stone

Dead or Dead

Sinjar: Valley of the Shadow


Jacob Dufour, Tim Cleghorn

Directed By

Tim Cleghorn & Adam Dufour

Director  Crystal Marie Phillips 

Director of Photography  Michael Joseph Phillips

Audio Design  Jerrod Naff


Meggie Jenny

Debbie Sutcliffe

Teejay Britton

Lisa Murphy

Frank Howell

Jeff Kingery

THE WALK Premiere

Working with Actress Debbie Sutcliffe on The Walk has been such a pleasure. She always arrives early to the set, ready to film. Debbie is always professional with other cast members and crew, always having her lines memorized. The character Debbie brings to life becomes so real. She is truly an excellent actor and a joy to work with. We look forward to working with her again.

Crown Flix Productions

ICFF Interview
Debbie Sutcliffe with Shelley Waggen
BareBones Award
Debbie Sutcliffe BareBones Award
BareBones Awards
Debbie Sutcliffe BareBones Awards
Debbie Sutcliffe BareBones Awards
Debbie Sutcliffe BareBones
BareBones Award

The Mansion Film Productions


Smith Wheeler
Steven Brown
Debbie Sutcliffe
Jennifer Lofton
Jeff Lofton
Geoff Todd
Robyn Koelling Hurst
Renee Michaels
Michael Jones

Meggie Jenny
Lindsay Rehmert



Studio 2.22 Film Productions

Director  Deborah Watson
Writer  Nick Robertson
Screenplay  Deborah Watson
Producer  Peggy Reyes

Taneycomo at the ICFF.....on the Red Carpet before the Awards

Steven Brown with Debbie Sutcliffe


Photo credit Freddy D'Angelo D


Missing Circuits


Debbie Sutcliffe

Kolyn Marshall

Talia Griztmacher

Kevyn Marshell

At the Premiere  with  Actresses

Teri Austin and Cami Jenkins

Bad Beat



Ryan Huegerich , Phillip Secca, Trevor Glauz, Andrew Couch, Ben Vossmeyer,Erika Denise Flowers, Eric Roberts, Selah Snowden, Kayden Mannino, Casey July, Kong Thao, Taylor Sly and Debbie Sutcliffe.



Phillip Secca with Debbie Sutcliffe

Barker Hole

Jason Brasier 

Brittney Greer  

Michael Brasier 

Dusty Henderson 

Jason Christopher Lamanno Debbie sutcliffe

Chris Greig

Jerry-Mac Johnston





Filming with Amanda Russell ,Steven Brown and Derral Reynolds

At the EU Film  Premiere of Elecrolyte with Director Lauren Havard , actor's Derral Reynold , Debbie Sutcliffe , Alxandra Ross , Samantha Wiles  and  Scott Corn

Transient Error

Filming Transient Error with Actor  Mickey Stone

SATO 48 

Psycho Girlfriend 

At the Premiere  with  Actress Amanda Russell

getting ready for some BIG HAIR 

Make-up & Hair 

Kendra Smith Caudill


Casting Director for the Film DownFall

Network 211 

Network 211 is a world missionary outreach focused on global evangelism and discipleship via the Internet.

Their mission is to use 21st century technology to communicate the 1st century gospel. 


Director  Brad McMath

Derral Reynolds  and  Debbie Sutcliffe

Brad McMath ,  James Hennessy  and  Derral Reynolds and  Debbie Sutcliffe




Full Armor Media

Rusty Reagan , Rob Stilfield‎



Still  picture's  from


cross wire  featuring  the  song "call" by freemen da gospel rapper.  with Debbie Sutcliffe , Rusty Reagan , and Brooke Bays,


Director Rusty Reagan 

The Sky Has Fallen 

Within a couple of hours, a new disease wipes out almost all of mankind. Trying to avoid infection, people flee to remote locations, but they start seeing mysterious black figures, carrying away the dead and experimenting on them. Now, Lance and Rachel, two survivors determined to fight back, must kill the leader of these creatures before the rest of humanity disappears.



 Doug Roos



 Doug Roos

Kevin Keppy  and  Debbie Sutcliffe 

Kevin Keppy  ,  Debbie Sutcliffe  and Sheri Gibe

Debbie Sutcliffe , Doug Roos  and  Sheri Gibe



Cast and Crew List
Caleb:  Nick Maples
Ronnie:  Graham Weldin
Trisha:  Meghan Socha
Dominic:  Bruce Robinson
Chris:  Sean Simpson
Psychologist:  Debbie Sutcliffe
Mom:  Karen Richardson
Jay:  David MarrJeremy
and Assistant Director:  David Kelley
Grip:  Christian Alexander Sylvester

Walking Dead Parody (Katy Perry - ( This Is How We Do )

Joseph Herrington , Debbie Sutcliffe , Heidi Mae  , Steve Arvig , Sheri Gibe , Rachel Herrington , Miranda Herrington , Kennedy Mattox , Whitney Dodd , Gabriel Herrington ,  Lory Herrington , David Marr , Ron Preston , Becca Preston.


Make-up by Lora Hakanson ,

Special FX by Michael Haygood


 Bad Class Bandits


Brooke Bays,  Erica Mincks,  Debbie Sutcliffe,  Jerry-Mac Johnston


Full Armor Media,  Rob Stilfield , Rusty Reagan , Ellen Rogers"

strange interference " heal me aaron jeoffrey / christian movies 2014 / god's not dead



 Ted Trent Studios and Circa 87 - Open casting call    Springfield Missouri      Wehrenberg Campbell 16 

104.1 KSGF Springfield's News Talk Radio,with Nick Reed... My interview for the  Open Auditions for Belleville The Movie








Check out my interviews; at


interviewing the Cast and Director for the Film.

What Did She Say


Mara is a short film created in association with Missouri State University and Higherground Productions.

In a retro-noir style, Mara explores themes of corruption, sacrifice, and morality within the limits of Mara City.


Description An ex-government soldier must complete one last job for a mysterious old flame in order to escape a future dying city.


Directed and written by Taylor High

Produced by April Clore, Wes Walker, and Evan Pollock

Director of Photography Josh Pfaff

Production Designer Cara Eckert

Original Score by Tyler Durham

Costume and Hair and Makeup by Sam Houston

Executive Producers: Diana Botsford, Mark Biggs, and Colby Jennings


Matt Roberts , Debbie Sutcliffe , Esy Juado, and

Cameron Dinwiddie 

Comedy-Directed By Cameron Dinwiddie

Produced By Esy Jurado



Unlikely companions meet and journey on a road trip of their lives!




Check out the  Trailer




Billy Hansen - Darrel Sanders

Ariel Kelley  - Hannah Dowd 

Matt Roberts -  James Hershberger

Sheri Gibe -  Bonnie Sanders

David Barnett -  Clyde Sanders

Keifer Holmes - Young Darrell

Debbie Sutcliffe -  Debra Dowd



Actress Kate Ford  and  Debbie Sutcliffe


Crying Wolf

A college student thinks her roommate has been kidnapped, but no one believes her. She decides to take matters into her own hands.

Crying Wolf  won first place in the MBEA feature film category.



Mystery-Studio EU Films 

Directed By Jonathan May

Screenplay By Christina Jeter

Produced By Katelyn Hanze 


CAST-Kate Ford , Lauren Drysdale , Taylor Hartley , David Burgio,  Joshua David Smith,  ,John Falk,  Debbie  Sutcliffe




"BALD KNOBBER" the motion picture now in production. The story is about the 1880s vigilante group that terrorized Taney County Missouri.








Angela Stephens

SCREENPLAY BY Michael Johnson - Sean Murray -

Curtis Copeland

Dakota T. Jones  and  Debbie Sutcliffe

The Bald Knobber Premiere

Lee Walker, Debbie Sutcliffe

Curtis Copeland, 

Mila Kirkland  and

Debbie Sutcliffe

Debbie Sutcliffe, Barry Williams

                            aka Greg Brady

Debbie Herring Wood,

Eddie Wood aka Rattlesnake Eddie

Angela Stephens-Sauber


Isaiah is a short art film that takes an unusual approach to tell the story of a young woman on a metaphorical journey through a spiritual wilderness.


Producer & Director

Christopher Kaspar



Elana Carson 



The Poet:

Matthew  : ScottSteve:  Justin Sharp

Grace:  Ciera Kaspar

Young Grace: Gracie Lowden

Baby Grace: Baby DeVizia

Ballerina : Amanda Russel 

Overseer: Kerry Richardson

Good Girls: The Gibbons girls

Snake Charmer: Cassie Clark-Dutton

Scribe: Eric Pilson

Lumberjack: Shawn Charles Evans


Ramsey-Michele Pruitt, James Zeller, Preston Maddox, Marki Sulzback


Carlos Gumucio ,Evonne Wheatley ,Debbie Sutcliffe ,Abeilene Haley, Nora Juneman ,Keith Dygert


Nominated for 4  Academy Awards, including Best Picture, WINTER'S BONE is available on DVD & Blu-ray


Plot Outline - A young woman must fight her way through the Ozark wilderness and the local criminal underworld in order to find her father and save her family


Awards Grand Jury Prize - Sundance 2010, Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award - Sundance 2010


Starring   Jennifer Lawrence, John Hawkes, Dale Dickey, Lauren Sweetser, Kevin Breznahan, Sheryl Lee

Directed By Debra Granik

Screenplay By Debra Granik and Anne Rosellini


based on the novel by Daniel WoodrellProduced By Anne Rosellini, Alix Madigan

 Debbie Sutcliffe  and  Actor  John Hawkes

Debbie Sutcliffe BareBones Award